Thyroid volume reference with different ages in Taiwanese normal subjects using ultrasound



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This study aimed to establish a local reference of thyroid volume in Taiwanese normal subjects with different ages using ultrasound.

We analyzed the results of 525 thyroid volumes obtained from patients who visited outpatient clinics of Chung-Shan Medical University Hospital between July 2009 through September 2012. Inclusion criteria were: no goiter on palpation, no pathological findings on thyroid US, no history of thyroid disorders, no treatment affecting thyroid function. Thyroid volume was estimated using ellipsoid formula. We divided the subjects into 3 age-groups including group A (<20 years), group B (20-40 years), and group C (>40 years).

The mean age and range of the subjects was 38.42 (9-84) years; the mean body height and weight were 159.5 cm and 57.91 kg. The overall mean volume ± SD volume of the thyroid gland for both lobes in all the patients studied was 12.24 ± 6.2 mL. The mean volume of subjects in group A was significantly smaller compared with the age between 20 through 40 years-old subjects in group B (p<0.05). However, no significant difference of thyroid volumes was shown in subjects between group B and group C. No difference was found in mean volume of the thyroid gland between male and female.

The thyroid volumes obtained in this study were higher than those reported from previous studies.